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Purposer vs Purposesee

What is your purpose in this life? reference – ‘Purpose driven life’ If you have not yet heard of this movement / book/ study group, name it, then clearly you are not yet in this space of thought. So let me try very briefly share my thoughts. 

Many people are now in this space of such a question, especially after the effect of covid-19 in our lives. We were and still are affected directly or indirectly, with regards to sickness and or even the loss of our dear loved ones ( RIP). It shifted the thinking patterns of many of us in ways we never knew our imagination and reality would collide to a life we have today – at least for some of us.

Recently, I read on a friends whatsapp status and they were asking about the reason for being here, what were they meant to be doing – I could tell it was genuine – I had to inbox for more details. ( I know they are reading this – so thanks for giving me content for this one am writing).   But it got me thinking, every beginning of a year, many people come up with resolutions and these tend to drive the rest of the year – this is for the well-focused human beings. They begin with a 21 – 40-day fasting to seek divine guidance on matters of life. Then have vision boards and sacrifices and my friend, these first 2 months are indeed seen as the foundation for the rest of the 10 months. 

Then comes reality of life and what happened to the plans since the tables are now turned – read 2020 year plans that got so messed up? And yet and some of us out here are so focused, we are so clear on what we need to do and where we need to be in order to become who we were meant to be. And then we just do it. Then there is the rest of us who are still struggling to figure out, who am I, what was I put here to do and am I doing it right or worse, will I die before I actually get it done?  I will not even indulge the element of age where those advanced in age are given the impression that they have run out of time!!!

These latter group of people, tend to struggle a lot, because the former who are perceived to have loads of wisdom, will not hesitate to remind them how they are of no value to the rest of the world. It can be very heart breaking to live a life where someone is constantly reminding you how you don’t know what you are doing here on earth. It may be very harsh or subtle yet, these are not very nice conversations to be part of. 

Some for us who know what we are up to, refuse to be humble but rub it hard onto the faces of those who don’t ie “We are doing well and you are not”. Those of us who are still struggling then end up with no clear direction (according others) and thus they just beat about the bush of life. 

In reality, we do have a purpose in life. However, must my purpose be ‘huge’ and intimidating as yours, if I feel am good being the best mother to my children, must you down play me just because you are a successful motivational speaker or the owner of a successful business? Must I pursue for more … is pursuit for more a requirement to be … (what?) – purposeful – according to who?

One of the things I have been learning is to have a sense of satisfaction of who I am. People out here are rough and will not hesitate shove you aside their highway of purpose fulfillment while you have not even identified your lane to follow ( sigh).

Is it possible the one who has found purpose ( purposer) to demonstrate it onto the other purposesee ( if this is even a word)?  Purpose cannot and will not be fulfilled in a vacuum, there needs to be a context into which it will manifest or demonstrate itself. So in view of this, what makes you ( purpose already found human ) think that I ( still figuring out – according to you) am not the context for you, yet you disapprove of who I am now? Yet for me, am what will make you be who you were meant to be. Thus why not allow me to just live my life as is.  Just because I facilitate your life’s purpose does not make me purposeless, but your purposesee and you become my purposer. So please, let us allow each other JUST BE

Of course as a human, with some help i.e. nudging, challenges and not forgetting diving intervention, we shall have our inner eyes opened. This will then allow for a different vison within and without our horizons for our purpose to be defined. We shall not encounter face-value judgmental condemnation from others who view themselves as being better than the rest.  

So which side of this purpose divide are you ?


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