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So still dumping ?

One of the latest fad during any new calendar year is to go about saying how we shall dump those things ( read people) who make no sense in our lives. Oh by the way, A happy new year to you. Looks like I have still not dumped you (yet).

I will not pretend that I have also not fallen for this, even this year, and indeed, even on this very day, I have dumped. Oooopps it goes both ways – I have also been dumped 🙂 .

My articles this year will be very personalized so that as we both read, we chose to point fingers at others or speak to ourselves?

Question though, when we did we gather these for us to begin the calender year with so much ‘trash’ in our lives? But think about it, we normally throw away trash. This means both you and I on 31st December 2020 at midnight become someone’s trash and we needed to be dumped.

In my endeavor to understand this, we note that people are indeed in our lives for a season – yes whether we like it or not. If you have people in your life for all seasons then bless you. So at some point, we shall no longer be of any real use to the people who valued us at that point in their lives. So, yes, we shall be dumped and we need to be ready for such a time. It shall happen sooner or later.

What about for ourselves, we need to acknowledge that our lives will be heavily intertwined ( entangled .. 😉 ) and will create amazing bonds. Remember those things we said about BFF for life? Ohh well this comes to an end when ones usefulness cannot longer be seen, felt or even fathomed – yes, realities of life. Some of these ‘dumpings’ are not as bad as one may want to see it – like really – no pun intended? Why would one hang around in peoples lives when they clearly don’t need you and you don’t need them either? As humans we have this thing of .. I will keep some people in my life – JUST IN CASE ? And please do not roll your eyes on me. Yes, may be you and I are a ‘just in case’ for someone and you now need to see it that way. Let us be real about these things.

As we move along this new calender year – a question lingers, who will be my trash this year, are you my trash this year, will I be your trash by the end of the year ? Will we be each others trash by the end of this year 2021? What am I gathering this year so that I will begin next year saying that I am trashing ? Why did I bother in the first place?

There is only one way to find out… see you later in the year – ( God willing) – I think, I guess, I hope, may be, oh most definitely. Happy New year my potential and fellow dumpee / dumper! Quick point to note though, one mans trash is another mans treasure ( ohh I smile as I write this ) Yes, you and I are someone’s treasure – choose to see it that way – at least for now and smile.

But on a very really serious note? What what kind of clean up will be happening after these few months of God know what I have already begun gathering? Must we gather any even for now ? What a way to start the new calender year (sigh).

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