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What are you doing at your workstation?

I have been feeling rather unwell for the last few days and I  finally chose to gather guts and head to the hospital. The guy … oops the doc who attended to me was so cute! How did I know and he had the N95 face mask well secured to his smooth face and peeping silver bullet chin beard ??? Let us just say I have a thingy to note cute men … I mean doctors – he was so nice to me. Tall dark and I guess he was handsome based on the voice that was coming forth through the mask. I mean masks can be so hot !! thank God because if he was the one taking the usual temperature at the triage, then I guess a replacement  for a melted thermometer would have been inorder.  Anyway back to my story … So after the conversation he tells me that I need to see a specialist who will give better guidance on the way forward regarding my condition. Gosh he crushed me, to think he was passing me over like a conveyor belt product. Now you see why I had refused to go see a doc in the first place ( sigh).

I eventually book the dreaded appointment, show up and delayed in the queue, I finally hear my name and wobble into the doctors’ office. Wait a minute, what happened to having just the doc and I in the room? I find some young lady nurse seated in the same room and she hands over my file to the doc.  He begins to study the written notes and looks at me, hums again and begins to jot some things down. By now you can tell he is not like the first one I met previously L … ( am still getting chills as I think of it!! Silly gal snap out of it … he had a huge wedding band on his ring finger, I think it his wife’s name engraved!! – bless those two – did I mention he was also smelling nice – my weakness) I digress.

As we settle to focus on my condition, the young nurse chooses to swing the computer screen so that we review the digital file that other doc had done during the previous consultation.  Then the screen is turned towards her considering she is now to my left. Screen is turned on and then kabaaaaang … I see boobies and thighs and other hanging stuff – ding dongs !!! Immediately I giggle and say …  ‘ehe .. so I see someone has been busy..” the Doc looks up at me through his thick scholarly dark old fashioned eye glasses and then asks “What is this ?” I respond with my big mouth “ … your staff sir,  seem to have been veeery busy.” He did not even respond to me ( not what I expected).  The lady nurse was so embarrassed and thank God for the quick mouse movement reaction that millenniums have  and voila… my medical report is now on screen. Just to remind you …  this be a legit report and not dem dashboards !!!

Woman hidden behind the computer screen peeks secretly

Immediately as a HR practitioner my antenna is on high alert and swinging making noise like a police siren chasing after Raymond Reddington in the streets of Paris – I digress. So seriously, the screen had non work related websites and it looks like the person forgot to close the tab – lady nurse, stone faced doc or just someone in that office? Hmmmm. None of my business here but let us get back to work ours.

So this is where I ask, “What are you busy doing at work when you are left alone – especially now that the covid-19 situation has rendered us mentally unstable?”  “What is occupying our down time or is it part of the pomodoro technique break time?” I kind of feel like we are thinking / doing things that we should not be thinking / doing  and not thinking / doing things we should be thinking / doing  – see what I did there?

Are we monitoring the stuff that our staff are doing or are we easy to allow this covid situation to relax the laid down rules and regulations? Do our systems in the work place have an audit trail that give a report of the sites that our staff are visiting? Are we responsible enough to know,  what can be viewed where and with which gadgets – office given ? Do staff have ‘personal space’ in the work space? Is there a law against such behavior in the work space? I can only imagine if it was an old woman / man who may have been subjected to such a screen? Suppose I raised it up with the management of the hospital  – does it really concern me in any way?

We claim to be professionals while at work and the same is expected of us in view of our assumed behavior – read this as internet surfing habits. Does your organization have a fire wall that detects such inappropriate / private sites and how many hits they have had per day and how long one has been on them?

So, anyway, I told this episode to someone, they asked me why I was making such a big deal out of it. I was livid to think that they thought it was a minor thing. Like seriously, the few seconds of exposure to such material has henceforth polluted my otherwise very innocent mind. I repeat, Imagine if it was a much elderly person or even a child and this is the screen they were exposed to, what images would that person be left with? Do you know that there are some images one cannot unsee? Unless one has poor eyesight or poor memory then they can get away with it – and this cannot be me.

However, this still begs the question, should we condone the exposure of inappropriate material in the work place? For crying out loud, this was a hospital setting, suppose it was a reception area and one needed to clarify something with a client and tells the client to check the screen and then ding dong? Did you know that according to the Sexual Offences Act – Section 2, a, ii- Exposure or display of any pornographic material to any person against his or her will.”  that this is actually an offence?  So it means that if I am really serious I can actually sue the hospital for such exposure to me – I wonder how much they would pay me – I need the money? Me just thinks – I could just be rich. Of course I cannot mention the name of the hospital, so don’t even bother thinking too much.

I still stand by the fact that an office set up should not expose both the worker and or clients to material that are indecent. The office needs to have a policy on that allows staff to be protected from such exposure. We need to create a decent working environment so that staff will be comfortable to get work done. They will also be confident to deal with clients just incase they need to share screen contents. Most important is to educate staff that the office is a place for the designated business of the owners and that their private lives desires should not be fulfilled or acted out during company time. The IT department needs to be conducting random audit reports that will allow the viewing of deleted history files from the desk top.

Let it be very clear that the staff who portrays such behavior shall face very serious disciplinary action and may lead to removal of internet privileges if not suspension from work. In case a member of staff feels offended in any way and the effects are documentable, then the staff who facilitated this indecent exposure may loose their job.

As we navigate life, the workplace is part of the pit stop for the day and we need it as much as the rest of the route plan for the day. Let us make it better every day not just for self but for others, let people not be uncomfortable around you due to certain habits. Afraid that when they touch your computer for use, the pop ups will give then the jitters and not the ones from my doc. There is no real privacy in the work place and so come on, a few ours off your phone to get some real work done, will not hurt you, after all it is that real work you do that ultimately pays your bills.

Do you think I need to go back for more consultation ? I am just asking stop rolling your eyes at me.

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