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That time of the year

Hey been off for a while .. but am now back … with some luuuuv in the air.

Ohh well it is that time of the year when majority of human beings alive are engrossed in the universally accepted day of love. Yes in a few days those lovers with obvious Public Display of Affection ( PDA) will be all over town this Friday.

Valentine’s day brings in a lot of emotions to many people both positive and negative. For me this time the read is just to KISS ( Keep It Short and Sweet – not sure about the last one though)

The history of Valentine is indeed of love and thus the celebration that we see all over the place. Currently it is one of the most romantically celebrated day in our calendar. Please note this year 2020 it is on a Friday so you can imagine how this will go. These celebrations are assumed to be for people of the opposite gender but we now know more than ever, love comes from the heart regardless of the kind of body gender it inhabits. And by the way, that is still love my dear.

Speaking as a woman, I will assume that many men have gone out of their way to ensure plans are made, reservations are confirmed and those shiny stones are in place around that round metallic object. So yes ladies, this could be the day. These celebrations are not a respecter of persons of age, colour, gender or creed. Gosh people just want to have a good time with their loved ones.

We also have a category of people who really do not have the obvious romantic relationship status that is well defined. This becomes a very tough time for us because we really do not know if this man is serious or not. We are not sure of he has plans for the day or weekend for that matter, let alone even for them avail themselves should we ( as the women) chose to go ahead and make the plans. It is a very lonely time for us.  If we are in offices where the ladies are clear on this, we see amazing bouquets of red roses, chocolates and expensive perfumes being delivered to them. But then again, let us assume those ladies did not pre-plan to send to themselves, just to make the rest of us jealous. Yes imagine, we have some of us sicko like that – all in the name of getting that ‘green envy’ look from the rest of the people in the office.


There are some of us who honesty don’t give a darn about this day because it is a just like the another. Maybe we had a very bad experience over it and refuse to acknowledge it or it is just not in our frame of thought. Therefore, the day just comes and goes. And I find these people quite strong in character and clearly have a very sturdy will to ignore this day. Please note – I am not those I speak about ☹.

The town is painted red everywhere, I almost feel like the sky also turns red to flow with the feeling. Did you know that a stem of rose flower that day shoots up by over 100% of the normal price? But who cares about the cost at this time, we are all celebrating the loves of our lives?  Have you seen the crazy amounts couples are willing to pay just to celebrate this day? The restaurants are filled with people who are happy and love indeed feels the air. Many look forward to magic moments that will unravel over the weekend that follows – lets be honest, we are kindly mini tiny jealous for those who will get this one universal experience – ohh well moving on swiftly.

Did I mention it is the day that many babies are made – just to let you know, all you born between 3rd and 15th of November, we have a very good idea when you were conceived. Just thought you should know. But it is also the same time when unwanted ones are made and don’t live to see the light of day 😦   It’s the day that we get to understand our loved ones better ie if we entered into a relationship after last year’s Valentines day and no discussion was made on how best to deal with this day. It’s a day for shockers especially if your dude has not real value for this day. It is also a day that some of us get proposed to and they seal our relationships for life. But also a day that some of us have break ups because reality hits us that we are not in the right thing.

So today it is just to wish us ( in advance),  yes I say us not just you alone, really a lovely day. We may have a significant other and he may not be the kind that celebrates this day – he could be busy out of town probably fighting off locusts in the farm ( currently in Kenya we are fighting this invasion – You know yourself honey ). So we  will spend it alone in the house – considering we want to be seen as the faithful girlfriend by refusing other appealing offers ( almost silly us).  Let us not shoot him just because he is not keeping up with … ( am not sure who are the current in thing here in Kenya). He probably still loves us in his own unique way – just does not show it like the guy next door. But for some reason, our faith in the relationship will drive us work with the notion that he will still demonstrate his love for us in his own unique way.

In case we are caught up in the confusion mess and he breaks up with us on this day, well, let us pick up ourselves. We shall overcome the pain and over expectations that we had for this relationship to work.  Let us not stay bitter for too long – though we would not really mind him choking on a fish bone .. who dies fish on valentines dinner anyway!!! But we know we shall fine – right?

But then again, in case he does an amazing thing, let us learn to celebrate him, and appreciate what he has done. Let us give him hope that indeed he made the right choice by choosing us and not the other. Let him feel special too since he went out of his way to get it done. Even if we learn that someone else helped to make this our day, remember that it is us he has chosen to spend this season with and not any other.

Just a word of caution, he had better not be someone else’s husband!!! ( please don’t give me the story of we are Africans and thus polygamy is allowed !!! Why ruin another woman’s life surely? ) Because we know how wives will pray and bind demons and refuse him to ‘rise to the occasion when with you’ ( giggle giggle .. yes.. wives are very dangerous people).  Let him be the man no one else can claim as his, let him know that no other man can claim you too. There is an amazing sense of peace in a relationship when no monkey business is taking place – don’t agree to the fact that they say we evolved form these same monkeys!

I really do wish you well this season and have fun where possible. In case it is the end of your relationship ( ooh bummer) , with time, you will be strong again to love and be loved.

But remember that the greatest love is that which Christ showed us for while we were yet sinners, He died for us. That no greater love has a man or women has demonstrated. At the very least, that is a sure guaranteed of real love.

PS. for you who will get extra chocolates and you are insisting on watching your weight, pass them over here. My weight needs no watching during this season, but will enjoy consuming goodies just as much.

Lots of love and hugs.

xoxo 😉 




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